Prince Reza Pahlavi: Iran’s border will be proud again under the shadow of the national flag

In a speech, Prince Reza Pahlavi emphasized that “all theories and forms of democratic governments are respected”, and emphasized that “victory of people’s rule” in Iran is important to him.

Prince Reza Pahlavi in ​​his speech, which was held on Thursday, October 28 at 5:00 p.m. Iran time, in Washington DC with the presence of most of the Persian-language media outside Iran and some foreign media, emphasized the unprecedented global attention to the Iranian People’s Revolution.
Prince Reza Pahlavi, in response to the question of Cambys Tawana, Voice of America reporter, about whether foreign support for the protesters is necessary or not, said: “When the green movement in Iran started to protest the fraud in the elections, the slogan that people chanted was Obama or It was with them or with us. Does this mean we don’t want you to take a stand? It is very clear. “Today, when the protesters say death to the dictator, they say it for international attention.”
In another part of his answer to the Voice of America reporter, he said: “The protesters are not saying that Khamenei should go and Mojtaba replace him, they are saying that this whole regime should go. I don’t need to justify. Ask the young people themselves. Their objection to the world is not that you should not support us. Their protest is, why don’t you support? that we are dying with our empty hands from morning to night, bullets are hitting the brains of young people. We will not pledge our real independence and freedom to any policy, but we will know the basis of our cooperation and desire, and especially in these critical stages, the difference between those who helped us and those who turned their backs on us.
This is a calculation that foreign countries must do. Interference in the protection of human rights is obligatory. Otherwise, the International Criminal Court would not have been created. We expect action from the world. We did not ask the world to appoint a government for us or to support a particular group or person. We say that Iranian people have the right to choose their future in the democratic process and the world should support this. Our people’s request should be supported in any way they can. “Support by intervention is very clear.”
Prince Reza Pahlavi continued his speech and said, “All theories and forms of democratic governments are respected. What is important to me is the victory of the people’s rule” and “I have no doubt that in the light of the people’s rule, the exceptional human capital of our country will create a bright future”.

According to Prince Reza Pahlavi, “Iran will once again be proud of this border and it will be proud under the shadow of our national flag.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi, who started his speech by “praising the hard work of girls, boys, women and men” of Iran, said that they have “moved the world with a unique unity and a brave and conscious movement”.
Referring to the support of numerous cultural and sports celebrities and world-renowned personalities for the Iranian people, he said that “in the modern era, the world community has never shown such support for a movement against tyranny”, “not in Russia against communism and not in Bahar.” Arabic”, but the revolution of the Iranian people caused “all the representatives of the French Parliament to stand up respectfully and make fiery speeches in the European Parliament.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi added: “This is one of the primary results of your solidarity and unity that even the American government has made such a quick turn in its positions towards Iran.”
Addressing the protesting people present in the streets of Iran, he said: “For more than a month, you have ruled your will not only on the streets of Iran, but on decision-making and policy-making rooms all over the world” and “no government can change the fate of Iran against its will.” The people of Iran will decide.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi described the alliance that governs Iran’s current environment as “infinitely sweet” and said, “I see that the alliance that I have emphasized for decades has borne fruit today” and “grounded the regime’s propaganda machine.”
According to him, the unity of the people of Iran has neutralized the “regime’s plan, which was to create division and discord” among the people, and the Islamic Republic, which wanted “women to be slaves of men”, but now “women with the support of their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons” in The streets are protesting and the government that said “If we are not there, the underprivileged youths will loot the houses of the rich, but we saw sympathetic citizens open their doors to shelter the same youths” and “the so-called security forces, in fact, were anti-security forces that attacked the properties People were hurt.”
Prince Reza Pahlavi, referring to the propaganda of the Islamic Republic that “if we go, Iran will become Syria”, said that “but you, the Iranian nation, have shown that you are all behind each other” and that you are a “unified nation” with linguistic, gender, and religious diversity. He added: “They pointed their finger at their fellow countrymen and they took away our Baluch, but you shouted for unity in the four corners of Iran, Sanandaj Zahedan, the eye and light of Iran, and the Gen Xian of freedom” and “in one word, you gave meaning to the sacrifice of my life for Iran.” »

He added, “with the ominous purpose of inciting armed war, they machine-gunned Zahedan, Sanandaj, Bukan, and Marivan and attacked the Kurdish parties on the other side of the border,” but “United Iran also failed this tactic.”
According to Prince Reza Pahlavi, “From the first day, the Islamic Republic used all its strength to create discord between Iranians inside and outside”, but the Iranians showed that “the influence of Iranians outside on international politics is one of the pillars of supporting the movement inside the country.” “and “hundreds of thousands of Iranians came to the streets in more than 150 cities around the world and had a great impact in changing the positions of foreign governments on the Iranian revolution.”

He also pointed to the “demonstrations of 50,000 people in Toronto” and other Canadian cities, and considered it as one of the main reasons for sanctioning the “10,000 repressive forces” of the Islamic Republic, which is “unprecedented in Canada.”
Prince Reza Pahlavi emphasized: “But these initial victories should not stop us, but should be a platform for boycott and isolation of the regime and maximum support for the revolution of the Iranian nation.”

Referring to his last month’s meetings with officials and legislators of different countries and making demands to support the protests of the Iranian people, he said that a number of strike support funds “are in the final stages of setting up” and those involved are “trying to take legal steps to send aid.” to Iran as soon as possible.
He also pointed to the activation of “a number of Starlink terminals in Iran”, and emphasized that this possibility is “an aid to maintain communication with outside Iran” at this time and is important for the future.

According to Prince Reza Pahlavi, “Today, anyone who sows hypocrisy in the united ranks of the people in any way will only add to the life of the Islamic Republic and help this bloodthirsty and brutal regime to continue.”
Referring to his letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and requesting support for the creation of an investigative commission in the Human Rights Council and holding the perpetrators of crimes accountable in Iran, he said that “in another letter that I sent to the interim director of UNICEF yesterday and asked this institution to conduct a special investigation regarding the killing of children and the suppression of students.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi emphasized: “What happened in Ardabil and other cities is an example of a crime against humanity.”
He also said to the military forces: “Although the main responsibility lies with the perpetrators and commanders, all those who wear military uniforms, especially the army, are obliged to protect people’s lives.” “You have a responsibility to paralyze the regime’s repression apparatus. It is your national, patriotic and human duty to fulfill the oath you took and separate your account from the surviving regime and its helpless leader as soon as possible.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi also stated that “a corrupt and incompetent government has no solution for your excruciating problems”, in response to the question “What is the alternative of this regime?”, he said: “On June 13, I said that the greatest alternative is the Iranian nation, those who They criticized me, they are praising you today.
Referring to the characteristics of the generation belonging to the world of communication, he considered it a generation that “does not insist and need individual and centralized leadership” and added: “I am happy that my emphasis in recent years to replace individual-oriented with system-oriented has been accepted by you. And it is on the way to implementation. I hope this process will be established and fully implemented in the democratic future of Iran.”

Prince Reza Pahlavi emphasized: “The day will come when the arrow of the regime will be removed from power.” We must be ready for it.”
Pointing out that “the alternative interim government must have legitimacy and acceptability”, he emphasized on the “spectral diversity and ability of pluralistic cooperation” in that government and said that the interim government must be able to carry out missions such as “attracting people’s trust and establishing peace.” stability and security of the country, establishing law and transitional justice, guaranteeing the freedoms and rights of the people, solving the urgent and livelihood issues of the people, setting foreign policies necessary for Iran’s national interests, and also holding a referendum.

He added: “The interim government should be made up of people and political organizations that are able to cooperate with each other, not those who are against the right of others to participate.”
The new round of protests started on September 25 and has been going on in all the provinces of the country.

During this round of protests, which resumed after the death of Mahsa (Gina) Amini, slogans such as “Death to Khamenei”, “Death to the dictator”, “Women, life, freedom”, “Khamenei is a murderer” were chanted. “His government is invalid”, “Sedition 57, the cause of every disaster”, “This last message is the goal of the system itself”, “Azerbaijan is awake, it supports Kurdistan”, “Kurdistan, the eye and light of Iran”, “Killing for a scarf, how long?” Such dirt on the head”, “No headscarf, no turban, freedom and equality”, “Don’t think today, our fate is every day”, “Woe to the day when we will be armed”, “Reza Shah, your soul is happy” has been given.
22-year-old Mehsa Amini, who had traveled from Saqqez to Tehran with her family, was arrested on 22 Shahrivar by the Irshad Patrol and was transferred to the Moral Security Police Center, known as Ministers’ Detention Center. Hours later, he was taken to Kasari hospital by ambulance and was admitted to the intensive care unit and died on 25 September.

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