If you want to Grow YouTube Channel Fast? Avoid these Two Topics

If you want to Grow YouTube Channel Fast? Avoid these Two Topics

If you want to grow your YouTube channel fast don’t make videos on two topics which I will tell you next in this article. Because you know that the competition is very high on YouTube. Every person wants to beat another and get success of fame. That’s why new YouTubers face challenges, if they want to grow. They need a lot of passion. But in this article, I will tell you about two channel ideas, if you want to start your channel just avoid these two channels. Because if you start these channels, these is no guarantee your channel will grow in future or take views. If you don’t understand some points, must watch video, which is given at the end of the article. So, let’s discuss about these two topics.


Which YouTube Channels you Avoid to Create?

As you know, Youtube is a huge platform, and millions of creators work on it. Billions of users watch YouTube on daily basis according to interest. That’s why a lot of competition is here. So let’s about these two channel which you avoid to create.

·         First is cooking channel

·         YouTube tips & Tricks

Now about these topics lets discuss briefly, if you want to start cooking channel make sure in your cooking channel you don’t cook food only, with cooking you can entertain the audience also. If we take example visit these channels like, cooking with Amna or village food life. Because these two channels quality is professional people watch these types of channels and enjoy it.

Next. Avoid to create channel which niche is YouTube tips and tricks. Because you create new channel and your channel is on growing process. Don’t make video on tips and tricks topics. Because successful you tubers like Kashif Majeed etc.  If he make video on this topic people watch his video. But if new creator make video on this topic, very less chances your video will grow.


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