How to SEO YouTube Video in 2022-Complete SEO Guide


How to SEO YouTube Video in 2022-Complete SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role to rank or viral your video on YouTube. SEO is important in both to gain website traffic or viral your videos. SEO have two types: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. This SEO is for websites but now in this article we talk about YouTube video’s SEO. If you want to rank your video you should follow different steps, SEO is one of them.

How to SEO YouTube Video in 2022-Complete SEO Guide

Last Year, YouTubers do SEO in different ways. New YouTubers who are new in YouTube and starts channel recently, they do SEO of your video in different ways. But in 2021 and the month of November and December Youtube gives us different updates. In these Updates, it tells us how to SEO YouTube video in 2022. Follow strictly these rules, If you want to grow your channel otherwise you should face different problems like, demonetize your channel, your channel should be delete, and your channel should be terminated.

No matter you are new or expert on YouTube. You need to just follow these instructions when you are doing SEO of your video. I hope this article will help you to rank your video. In the middle of the article, I will share a practical video about How to do SEO of your video in 2022.

Why YouTube SEO Change in 2022:

Youtube SEO is change in 2022 because of updating. YouTube update different policies. If we talk about changings. Put two to three keywords on the thumbnail for example if we make video SEO, we put different keywords related it.


How to Do SEO in 2022:

Now we will talk about how to do SEO Youtube video in 2022. You just follow these steps, you need to understand these terms and conditions to do SEO your video in a professional way:

·         First of all open the Google Keyword Planner but if you don’t know about this website, I will provide you a complete video in the last of the article.

·         Let’s suppose our topic is “YouTube SEO Course”, now this title add on keyword planner and search on it.

·         Remember one thing, just add one keyword who is relevant to your video and its monthly searching’s are high.

·         Now move to your video and do SEO.

·         Add short Title

·         Write the relevant description means which things you discuss in video, just write these things. No need to add keywords.

·         Now add the tags. Tags are most important part of SEO. Must add relevant tags. No need to touch irrelevant things.

·         Don’t add these types of words now in 2022 like, free or fast. For example make money online fast. Fast is irrelevant words. Don’t add it.


You can watch Video Here.

 Which helps you to understand these steps.


Some Principle Instructions:

·         Now, I will give you some instructions which are helpful to you when you do SEO of your video:

·         Don’t add too much tiles

·         Don’t add irrelevant description, its mean a year back, peoples add description and add keywords also in the description.

·         But now in 2022 the when Youtube update policies, it tells us your description must be relevant.

·         Don’t add irrelevant tags, I talk about this step again and again because it is most important part of SEO. If you miss one step your channel should be demonetized or should face other difficulties.


To Sum Up:

In this article, I explained all these important things related to SEO. And I try to understand all of you about the professional SEO in the video. If you follow these steps who should take benefits. But if you avoid it, you should face different problems.  A year ago, the way of SEO id totally different from the recent policies. You should also watch video related top this topic at the middle of this article. But if you have any questions, don’t feel hesitate, just ask your question, we will definitely guide you.




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