How to Apply for Monetize Facebook Page in Pakistan in 2022


How to Apply for Monetize Facebook Page in Pakistan in 2022

If I estimate how much users of Facebook have? The answer is more than 50 million people in Pakistan use Facebook and Facebook is an app which is use to make money online or also some people use it for fun. You can earn money on mainstream ads or instant article ads on Facebook. Through these ads, which are run on your Facebook page you can easily earn money Online. Around the world people earn a lot of money through Facebook. In this article, I will tell you the whole method to apply for the monetization of Facebook Page in 2022.


What is Facebook?

If we defined Facebook in simple words, Facebook is an online social networking website where can create profiles, share the information’s such as photos and quotes about themselves, and respond or link to the information posted by others. This social networking website is founded in 2004 and originally known as The Facebook. If we talk about Facebook page, Facebook page is a place where artists, businesses, brands, public figures, organizations and nonprofits can connects with their fans or customers. When someone like or follow a page on Facebook, after that they can start seeing updates from that page in their feed.


The Conditions of Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2022

First of all, lets discuss about you need to know the some conditions or requirements of Facebook to turn on the monetization of Facebook page.


v  Facebook page maximum 30 days old

v  You have 10k followers on Facebook page

v  5 videos on the Facebook page

v  Videos duration must be 3 to 5 minutes

v  The views of videos should be 600k watch time


How to Complete These Conditions for Facebook Monetization in 2022?

There are two methods to complete the eligible requirements of Facebook. If you follow these two methods, your Facebook page will be eligible to apply for monetization.

1st Method:

This method is totally free, the method is that to join the large groups on Facebook which consist of millions of peoples and the videos in this group should be related to your videos and in this group share your video with good detail. Do good SEO of your video, give unique titles, do hashtags, write a well description so that organic views are no less than a bonus for you.


2nd Method:

The second method is that, most of the people takes the time to watch a panel like Boost, by boosting you can boost your videos. Through this method the time counts whether you later delete the video or make it private from the public than you have to earn money. Because of Facebook charges for boosting your videos.


9 Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page in 2022:

v  Send Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Sites

v  Sell Products through a websites

v  Sell the products through Facebook App Store

v  Optimize your site for Mobile Devices

v  Promote the products with exclusive Facebook Offers

v  Sell the products through 3rd party vendor

v  Together with your vendor presence promote a neighborhood event

v  Sell your own service and grow your page


What are Instant Articles and How Does It Works?

Instant6 articles are those articles. Who are on your blog website and will also show on your Facebook page. On your Facebook page, when a user click on theses instant articles, these articles will open on Facebook, in which Facebook will show its own advertising and for this purpose Facebook pays for advertising to the page owner.


How to Check Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility?

v  Go to Creator Studio

v  To review your pages in stream ads for live eligibility status, click Monetization on the left-hand side of the menu


How to Apply for Monetize Facebook Page in Pakistan in 2022?

If your criteria is complete which is eligible for monetization, then now we learn about how to apply for Facebook monetization page. Let’s discuss few steps to apply. If you follow these steps you will easily apply to monetize your Facebook page. Let’s discuss these steps:

v  Go to Creator studio

v  Click on In-stream ads

v  Click on Get started

v  Accept the terms and conditions

v  Click on setup account

v  Click on next

v  Select Payout account (create new payout account)

v  Click on next

v  Set up payout account (fill the form, give relevant information’s)

v  Upload your Tax form (search on google W-8 form), Download the form first, and select the edit option, go to PDF editor and click on edit. Fill it carefully, click on download, download the form and upload it.

v  Add a payout method to get paid (fill the form)

v  After that submit for review.

Its mean you successfully applied for monetization page.



No doubt, Facebook is a great source to earn money now-a-day. If you have Facebook it is good , but if you don’t have create your page and follow up the all eligible criteria and monetize it and starts to earn money online. These methods are too simple and easy which I said in this article. If you follow these steps you will easily apply for review your Facebook page. Because in other countries, millions of peoples earn handsome amount of money through Facebook. Now, it’s up to you, if you want to earn money, the guideline is here. If you have further questions related to apply for monetization of Facebook page, comment us we will clear all your questions. I hope this article will helpful to you now or in future.






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