Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency coins To Buy In 2022

 Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency coins To Buy In 2022


What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the digital payment system which is not depend on banks to verify transactions. It is a peer-to-peer and vast system that enables to everyone to send and receive the payment anywhere. To describe specific transaction, cryptocurrency payment exist on purely entries. Cryptocurrency is stored in Digital Wallet. It’s run on distributed public ledger, which is called blockchain. To use cryptographic techniques, cryptocurrencies are created and its enable people to buy, sell and trade them securely. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, lets discuss some of the best known cryptocurrencies which are best to buy in 2022.


Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency coins To Buy In 2022

Best Crypto Coins to Buy In 2022:

After a brief introduction about cryptocurrency let’s discuss about top 5 crypto coins. Which works best in 2022 and give us profit in future. These coins are:

·         Shiba Inu

·         Palkadot

·         Harmony

·         Gala

·         BNB

Shiba Inu (SHIB):

Shiba Inu is one of the most popular cryptocurrency which is created in August 2020. It is itself called the “Dogecoin Killer”. At that time, its price is low but it grows day by day. Shiba Inu worked on a decentralized computer network, running a database called blockchain, just like other cryptocurrencies. Shiba runs on Ethereum blockchain, which is offer the safety and functionality of that platform. The current price of Shiba Inu coin is the $0.00003253.

Palkadot (DOT):

DOT is also connected with blockchain – which allows users to send values and data across incompatible networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is designed to be fast and scalable transactions. For staking and governance this token is used, it can be bought and sold on Coin base and other exchanges. In Palkadot network, Dot cryptocurrency plays a key role in maintaining and operating the whole system. The current value of Palkadot coin is $29.32. it is the futuristic coin based in real use, and this coin also increasing its rate day by day.

Harmony (ONE):

Harmony is one of the open and fast blockchain. It offers tools and functionalities for creating, managing, hosting and using drapes with maximum scalability and interprobality. This is good coin, and in future do great work. One is the native crypto of harmony network, and it is a multipurpose token. It can be used to pay for various services and operations on the network. Harmony is the open platform for collectibles, identity, assets and governance. Its secure bridg3e offers cross-chain assets transfer with Binance, Ethereum and three other coins. Harmony current market value is $0.3156.


Gala coin, gala token is an Ethereum token that powers Gala games. It is platform for blockchain gaming. Gala is used a medium of exchange between Gala Games participants. In simple words, it can be used to pay for in-game items. Its mission is to introduce creative thinking into games. To give the control of player and in-game assets with the help of blockchain technology. Gala coin current price is $0.4367. It is a great coin and in future it increase its value soon.

Binance (BNB):

Binance is also a cryptocurrency which is used to trade and pay fees on the Binance cryptocurrency exchanges. As an incentive, the users of Binance coin receive a discount in transaction fees on the Binance Exchange. Binance can also be traded or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, liker Bitcoin. Binance uses the process of tokens which means they use the profit from token buy to sell more BNB and then burn.  On January 2018, BNB facilitates more than 1.4 million transactions per second. The current value of Binance coin is $511.57. It also increase its value in future and plays great role in crypto marketplace.


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No doubt, cryptocurrency is the fastest way of transaction, trading, buy or sell. It’s a huge platform where thousands of cryptocurrencies. Every coin has its own market value, and its own work. But through this article, I explain you top 5 coins, which is gaining more and more value in this year. I hope it will helpful for you to understand about crypto world and uses of it and market value also.

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