How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

 How to Monetize Your Facebook Page


What is Facebook page?

Before create the page on Facebook, you need to make the Facebook profile first.  After profile if you want create the page or help manage one. On Facebook pages are places where celebrities, organizations, foundations, brands, businessman’s, or artists connect with their friends, customers and fans. When someone follow or like your page on Facebook, they can start seeing updates from that page in their News Feed.


How to Check k a Monetization Eligibility?

Your page can make money from their content if they meet the partner Monetization policies.

·         Go to Creator Studio

·         On the left side, click the monetization tab.

·         Select the page you want to check

·         Click to Apply

These steps will help you to review your current eligibility status and finalize whether when you can monetize your Facebook page.


How to Monetize Your Facebook Page?

 If you have Facebook page with some levels of following, with or without a website attached, there are a lot of ways to make money through Facebook page. Now here are few tips to monetize your Facebook page:

·         Sell Digital Content Directly

·         Sell products through Facebook App Store

·         Sell your services growing a page

·         Promote products with Facebook offers

·         Through website sell products

·         Selling online courses

·         Send Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Sites

Sell Digital Content Directly:

The first option you monetize your Facebook page is arguably the easiest. It’s pretty easier to describe its simple example. In your Facebook page promoting an eBook is the great way to catch the audience and connect across your various websites. If you have a content to distribute Facebook makes a great platform to sell your wares.

Sell Products Through Facebook App Store:

In the last few years Facebook page have fallen some time. They have been slowly moved and further down the sidebar and there is not as much room up top for them as there used to be. You can’t still use them. If you need to do is set up one of the many Facebook commerce apps. Pick one and use it.

Sell Your Services Growing a Page:

So if you want to grow your Facebook page to its current level, and you are achieving some amount of success. Others would like to reach that success. Now its t8ime to share your skills. Where you write up a plan of action you can sell services. You come and manage things for an ongoing price if you are successful there are many options to make others successes.

Promote Products with Facebook Offers:

You can do more than just post if you want to sell your products. You can incentivize the traffic and conversions. The best way of running offer is to simply create the offer for a limited time on your site and promote it on Facebook. On Facebook to run offers the alternative method is to use the ads system.

Through Websites Sell Products:

If you sell your product through a website you have two options for this, first you can use an ecommerce system or second setup a hoste3d solution. This is more expensive but a lot more customizable and better for SEO in the long run. To promote products and link your audience to the product page, that sort of thing. Here paid ads will help you alo5t, because there is not a leeway with promoting organic posts.

Selling Online Courses:

Through selling your online courses can be a great way to monetize your Facebook page. If you have any skill or use another plat form for selling courses like YouTube you can also promote your channel here or also upload same video here like YouTube. If audience like, join, or share your page link, then traffic increase in your page. Best content based online course if you sell paid you can earn from both ways, when your page grown up you can earn from page or also earn money through gives the courses in paid form. So this is the best and easiest way to monetize your page.

Send Traffic To Affiliate Marketing Sites:

The premise of affiliate marketing is to promote other peoples products, earning a commissioner someone buys a product or services as a result of clicking through via your site. If you are intending to utilize affiliate marketing, your best way is to stat a blog. Depending on your niche, blog posts don’t need to be long, just need to be value to your target audience. With social media if someone is regarded typically after the first 2 days it will lose its impact. Blog posts create ever green content that is easily found in Google search and also provide another way to build your audience as well as to monetize it.


To Sum Up:

There are lots of different ways to monetize your page, through this you can increase your audience. If you are the user of another platforms your Facebook audience will help you to promote your other site.  In this article I tell you some easiest ways to monetize your Facebook page. I hope these steps will beneficial for you. 

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