How Much YouTube Pay to the YouTubers


How Much YouTube Pay to the YouTubers

In this world most of the peoples who do not believe that it is possible to earn money from internet. But in reality there are number of success stories of people you have made their fortune online. If you want to earn money like other you tubers you must create your own YouTube channel and select good content. Which is viral immediately and got fame. YouTube pays you according to your improvement and success. Let’s discuss some payment policies of YouTube.


How Much You can earn in your Channel’s Early Days?

When you place your first video on YouTube, you are unlikely to be earning anything. You can sign up for an AdSense account and enables your channel for monetization from the moment you create a YouTube channel. To make money you need to gain traffic to your site and genuine traffic, genuine traffic means that traffic from people who watched your videos, not by taking the shortcut method of paying for views’

Although, there are some adverts that are CPM or many are CPC. For you to earn from CPC ass, to click on the ad you need a viewers. In reality, only a small percentage of your viewers will click on the ad surrounding your videos. The CPM ad in the video itself requires more than just a currency glance. For the payment, a viewer must watch them for at least 30 seconds or half the ad for a short video. If the viewer view or click on your ad to earn income, any advertising revenue you share with YouTube, once your AdSense account reaches $100, once your AdSense account reaches $100.


Money Calculator of YouTube:

Some niches are easier than others to make money in, One day your channel will be proceed, it would probably help if you created your channel or in a topic that people interest. No doubt, the most successful niche is gaming. Because gaming is the huge industry in itself and many gamers have reasonable income to spend. Other successful niches are:

·         Life Hacks

·         News

·         Celebrity gossips

·         Spoofs

·         Funny videos

·         Kitchen hacks and food reviews

·         Top [X] lists


Moderately Successful Channels:

With enough preservice, not to mention on camera talent, you should eventually pull yourself out of You Tubes graveyard of poor performance. Every month you should receive some AdSense revenue, if you have chosen to go down that track. You might think about asking for crowd funding assistance through a site like patron, if you have maximum 20,000 subscribers. The average patron contributor donates $7, with patron keeping 5% of pledges as a commission.  Your income depends on your audience. One issue faced by quite a few YouTubers is that their supporters are naturally antiestablishment, anti-capitalist, and the idea that their YouTube horses might be selling themselves out.

How much YouTube Make Money Per View:

On per view with AdSense YouTubers make money between $0.01 to $0.03, and with an average of $0.18 per view. The amount of money will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

·         Video length

·         Ad blockers

·         Ad quality

·         The number of views who’s receive on your video

·         The number of clicks who’s an ad receives

How Much Money Who YouTubers Make Every 1,000 Views:

YouTube pay rate is between $0.01 and $0.03 as ad view, per 1,000 ad view a YouTube can make around $18, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. For every 1,000 Video views a YouTuber can make about $5.

How Much Money Does a YouTuber Get On Per Video:

The amount depends on you tuber video variety of factors, means number of views or how many google ads that are displayed throughout their videos. Per view the actual rate is between $0.10 to $0.30, but the averages is out at $0.18 per view.  Per 1,000 ad views a YouTube channel can receive $18. This equates to #3 to $5 per 1,000 video view.

Highest Paid YouTubers:

According to business insider now you can find a list of YouTubers with the highest earning. Just find this type of niche you want to explore and use their content as inspiration.

Dude Perfect:

A channel whose name is Dude perfect is a sports entertainment YouTube channel. They record questionable stunts just like, dirt bike battle. The worth of Dude perfect is $20 million.

Jack Paul:

Jake Paul is the second highest earning channel and the worth of Jack Paul is $21.5 million. This channel started as Disney channel and later gained popularity for his videos on the now-defunct vine app.

Rayan’s World:

Sitting at the top of the highest earners list is Payan’s world, a gorgeous elementary school kid whose upload a new toy video every day. The worth of Payan’s world is $22 million.

Jefree Star:

Jefree Star is a YouTuber that originally rose to prominence on the social networking website Myspace. On this channel, star upload vlogs, review of beauty products and makeup tutorials. In 2019 his YouTube earning were $18 million.

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier):

Markiplier is a gamer who gives hilarious and dramatic play –by-play commentary. Fromm YouTube the worth of Markiplier is $17.5 million.

Evan Fong (VanossGaming):

Evan Fong is another gamer, Evan plays games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. The worth of Evan Fong is $17 million.


Other Ways for YouTubers to Make Money:

Ad placement is not the only way for you tubers to make money. In fact, You Tubers salary comes from other sources. So here are some options to supplement a Tuber’s income:

·         Sponsorship

·         Merchandise

·         Affiliate links etc.




To Sum Up:

No, doubt YouTube is the best source of income. You can earn handsome amount of money from YouTube. Your success depends on your best content, hard work o0r struggle. If your niche is adorable no doubt your cannel get fame within days, and your pay from YouTube starts soon. When you complete all eligibility process, terms and conditions. I hope this article will helpful for you to understand about the payment of you tubers.

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