What is Blogging & How to Create a New Blog By Kashif Majeed Adspakistani

What is Blogging & How to Create a New Blog

Dear readers Do you know what is a blog and how to create it? Do you want to start blogging in your life?

So this article will help you because there are many benefits are to create a blog mentioned below for creating a new blog/website.

As we mentioned above, doing blogging means creating a blog and writing articles regularly. There are advantages of creating and writing a blog such as If your blog becomes very popular then you can earn money from your blog through many mediums like advertising and affiliate marketing.

If you have a small business then you can regularly blog posts about your products.

ü Blogging makes your writing even better.

ü  You can become very popular on the Internet.

ü  You can share your knowledge to more and more people by writing a blog.

ü  With the blog, you can get a chance to meet more successful people of your own niche.

ü  You can emerge as an entrepreneur and reach the height of success on your own strength.

ü  Blogging is the best way to earn money sitting at home in today’s world.

ü  Every day one gets to learn new things.

ü Gradually your skill development starts happening.


If yes then read this post completely. Because in this article we have covered What is Blogging? and how to create a beautiful blog has given complete information.

After reading this article, what is the difference between a blog and a website (Blog Vs Website)? It will also be easy to understand and know whether you need a blog or a website for your business.

What things do you need to make a blog, you will also be able to know from this article? In the end, we have also told in this article that how you can create your best blog on WordPress and Blogger in 15-20 minutes?

A blog is such an online platform where you publish some information every day or regularly on a few days. On a blog, you can publish information related to your knowledge, ideas, and skills.

A blog is not just limited to this, but in today’s world blog has become a source of education. Today whatever information we search on search engines like Google, Bing, and Duckduck Go and read on a website are all blogs.

Today the article about the blog you are reading here is also a blog. Today there are online platforms where you can create your own blog. Some of these great platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix and Constant Contact Builder.

The most used blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

People who regularly write articles on a blog are called bloggers. And when he regularly publishes those articles on his blog, then that process is called blogging. Bloggers publish articles on their blog in many ways like once a day or even once a week.

Websites are especially beneficial for large companies, where they give information about their products to their users through a single page. However, today almost all companies also publish blogs on their website so that they can stay connected with their customers and can access their products information regularly.

What are the things needed to start a blog? Things Required to Create a Blog.

The making of all blogs and websites is almost the same, but your use and design shows whether it is a website or a blog. To create a blog and work well on it, first of all you need a smartphone, computer and an internet connection. Along with this, things are also needed online.


ð  Domain

ð  Hosting

ð  Choosing the best platform for Blog

ðWebsite Designing (Blog or Website Designing)

ð  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


1. Choosing the Right Domain for Your Blog

It is very important for any website to have the right and best domain name. The address of every website i.e. adspakistani.com, which we click to reach that website, is called Domain.

It is very important to have a beautiful and correct domain because it tells the true meaning of your business or blog. For example imagine a domain is adspakistani.com. On seeing the name of this website, it seems that some study related information will be found in it.

To buy a domain, click on the button given below


2. Choose the Right Platform for Blog or Website.

The first step to start your website or blog is to choose the right platform. If you want to create a website for yourself where you want to provide an online shopping facility to sell your products, then you can create your website on an installer like Open cart.

If you want to make your blog where you want to reach your articles and ideas to the people, then you can choose niche like Tech, Quiz, Jobs and other informative.

 3. In our view, there are some very important points or steps in designing a blog, which we have told you below –

·         First of all choose your domain according to your website products or post category. This will make it easier for users of your website to identify and locate you on the Internet.

·         The second most important thing about which we will tell you in detail in our next post – write the layout, heading, meta tags and description of the website correctly.

·         To make your website beautiful, apply a good free theme and go to the Customize section and set it.

·         If you want to get more features then you can also buy themes like the theme of our website which we have taken from Thrive Themes.

·         Be sure to put Menu Options in the upper part of your website or blog.

·         Be sure to add the About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Services page and put the link in the menu.

·   Update your blog regularly and write good SEO posts

These 3 steps are for those people who have recently made their move in the field of website blogging and internet. Next, we will consider all these small points in more detail.

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