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Hi!  Welcome to my website, if you have a blog and you are worried about google AdSense approval so don’t worry you are now right way red this article and follow the given instruction you can get AdSense Approval within days so don’t waste time let’s start.

The number of bloggers on the Internet is increasing day by day, in such a situation, many new bloggers have to do the same thing for many days in getting the AdSense account approved, but still the AdSense account is not approved but there is nothing to be disappointed. It is not. After reading this post you can get Adsense account approved within 7 days.

When we talk about earning money online, the name of Google Adsense comes first because we all know very well that there is no one better than Google Adsense to earn money online. This is such an advertising network that pays the most money for placing ads on the blog.

That’s why bloggers who do not get Adsense account approved. He gets very frustrated and because of this many people also leave blogging.

But the biggest reason for not getting the Adsense account approved is that they do not have enough information. That’s why in this post we are going to share you the advanced guide to approve google Adsense account, read carefully.

To approve the Adsense account first, it is necessary for your blog to be 6 months old but in today’s time it is not so because now you can approve the account even in just 7 days. So first of all you should be aware of what is Google Adsense and how to use it.

By the way, people whose Adsense account is not approved, this is their biggest problem, but believe me, it is not such a difficult task if you follow the Google Adsense Guideline, so first of all it is very important for you to know that Adsense What are the common reasons for the account not being approved.

Due to not having approved Google Adsense account. When you apply for Google Adsense, some reasons are given by Google, due to which your Adsense account is not approved, so you should be aware of them.

1. Due to Insufficient Content on Blog

2. Reasons for not advertising friendly blog content

3. Due to the use of copyrighted material

4. Reasons for Using Black Hat SEO

5. Due to lack of About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy page.

6. Reasons for Blog being “under construction”

7. Reasons for not using Google Adsense code properly

8. Already having google Adsense account

9. Due to lack of clear navigation system

10. Reasons to use Fake Traffic

11. Due to the use of Hacking, Adult and Malware

When your Adsense account is not approved, Google also tells you the reason for being disapproved by mail, so you do not need to panic.

Just have to analyze the reasons for being disapproved because you can apply again.

how to get google Adsense account approved in 7 days

It is very important for every blogger to get Adsense account approved because it starts earning our income and we get motivation to work. But being repeatedly disapproved of the account from google Adsense has a slight negative effect. 

Therefore, before applying for Adsense approval, you should prepare your blog well so that you can get approval easily, so let’s know.

Blog Design & Navigation System

After creating a blog, the first thing you have to do is to design a blog. This is an important factor, so the better the design of your blog, the sooner your Adsense account will be approved. So design like a professional blog.

After designing the blog, make navigation simple so that the user is easy to understand and he can find the things he needs. Because Google gives more importance to a good user experience blog.

Remove Extra Link

In those who use free themes or templates, you get some extra links which can have a negative effect on your blog, so you should apply for Adsense only after removing these extra links.

Blog favicon & logo

Favicon and logo are the identity of any blog which makes your blog professional and as we told you Google gives Adsense account approval of professional blog quickly, so create a good favicon and logo for your blog.

Important Page

To get Adsense account approved, it is most important that you must have three promotional pages on your blog. Because Adsense approval cannot be obtained without it, so according to google guidelines, it is necessary to have these three pages on your blog.

About us

Write about the blog and yourself in this page so that people visiting your blog can know more about it.

Privacy Policy

According to Google’s Privacy Policy, you have to prepare the Privacy Policy of your blog so that your blog is proved correct according to every parameter of Google, for this you can also use the Privacy Policy Generator tool.

Contact us

For the people coming to your blog who want to contact you or give any suggestion, you have to create a separate page and name it Contact us.

Quality Content

Quality content means that the content you put on your blog should be original written by you. Which can help people because the main reason for not getting Adsense account approved is insufficient and quality content.

Therefore, write a post of at least 700 words because the more details are written, the more it is liked by Google.

Minimum 15 Post

Most of the new bloggers want to get their Adsense account approved quickly after creating their blog, so they apply for google Adsense after posting 5-7. In such a situation, his account is disapproved and the reason for this is given insufficient content or under construction.

If you apply for google Adsense without preparing your blog properly, then it has a negative effect on your blog, due to which you do not get approval for a long time in future.

That’s why first 15 quality posts have to be published and only then apply for Adsense account approval, it becomes very likely to get Adsense approval.

Submit Sitemap

After you have done 15 posts, submit the sitemap to Google and Bing. Which gets indexed in the search engine by getting your post crawl. This proves to be very helpful in getting Adsense account approved.

social media account

To get traffic for your blog and increase its value in the eyes of Google, create an account on social media platforms like Facebook page, Facebook group, twitter, YouTube etc. and also use social share button on your blog. Pakistani’s Top 20 Blogger earns lakhs of money every month their names and websites names will be share in coming article.

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Professional email

We all have to use email address in many places in our blog like about page, contact us, privacy policy etc. Therefore use email address related to your domain name.

Custom Domain

It has also been seen that in order to approve the Adsense account, because people who use Custom Domain, their blogs are easily approved.

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