How long does AdSense take to approve- AdSense approval tips


 How long does AdSense take to approve- AdSense approval tips 

how long does AdSense take to approval

Most bloggers have the same question that how to create a Google AdSense account on their blog. 90% of bloggers do not get AdSense approval in their first attempt and they are forced to buy AdSense account after getting upset or they quit blogging.


Making money from your blog is the dream of every new blogger and for this AdSense is the best monetization method. But getting AdSense approval is not that easy, especially for the new blogger.

The reason for this is that we do not have complete knowledge about the policy of AdSense, due to which our application gets rejected.


Today I am going to tell you about AdSense account approval tricks by following which you too can approve AdSense account on your blog like me.


  • Use Custom Domain
  • Create Important Pages
  • Choose Right Topic
  •  Write Original / Unique Content
  •  Number Of Posts
  •  Supported Language
  •  Do not use copyright image
  •  Blog Design (Responsive Theme)
  •  Remove other Ad networks
  •  Blog Traffic


AdSense Approval Tips FAQ Conclusion


How to approve AdSense account

You will know that your country should be 6 months old for AdSense approval in a country like Pakistan, India (As per AdSense Guideline). But I have got my blog ( approved with AdSense within just 1 month.


How I have worked on this blog for 1 month and which tips you have to follow to get the approval of Google AdSense on your blog.


01- Use Custom Domain I, made this blog on Blogspot. First of all, I bought the domain ( from Big rock and after creating a blog on Blogspot, setup a custom domain in it.


If you have a blog in Blogspot, then first you use custom domain on your blog. Because it gets the approval of AdSense on your blog quickly and the AdSense account you get is Non-hosted AdSense Account.


Read this post for more information: AdSense Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Account


You can buy domain for your blog from cheap websites like GodaddyBigrockNamecheap etc. and add custom domain to your Blogspot Blog.


But if you use a free domain or sub-domain like .Ab, .Ba, .xyz then your AdSense will not be approve.


How many months old should the domain be before applying for AdSense?


My domain ( is only 01-year-old and I have received AdSense approval on it within two months. There is no such special day after which you apply for AdSense. According to me, if you have high quality content, then you will also get approval on 10 days old domain.

2- Create Important Pages

After making Blog, there is some important pages in it as if about us, contact us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. These pages show that you are a professional and you are working according to Google’s policies.


Online You can find many such websites from where you can create all these pages for Blog. Many times, without all these pages, Blog gets the approval of AdSense. But it depends on your luck.

 3- Choose Right Topic

Blogger Topic does not give much importance while you should choose the right topic to get approve in AdSense. When I started blogging then the AdSense did not get approval on my first 3 blogs, because I did not choose the right Topic.

You try to related Blog from Education, Health or Technology, on which you will find the approval of AdSense quickly.

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