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Welcome to my site dear friends today I will guide you that how to Create a New YouTube Channel so let’s start the reading article.

Today’s time YouTube is the most viewed platform in the world, here related videos of every subject are uploaded whether it is comedy and whether it is educational videos, everyone can learn a lot by watching videos on YouTube. Can entertain but YouTube is not only a means of entertainment but you can also earn from it by creating a channel on YouTube and uploading videos on it, millions of people are earning very well from YouTube.

In today’s time if you have extra time. If you have the skills, then you can also earn money from YouTube. To earn from YouTube, first you have to create a channel on YouTube, then first of all we will learn how to create a channel on YouTube and how to upload videos on it, then let’s learn. How To Make YouTube Channel.

To create a channel on YouTube, first of all you must have an email id of your own and you have to create this email id on Gmail, if you already have an email ID, then you can create a channel on YouTube very easily, then first You login with your Gmail ID, after that you open YouTube, on opening YouTube, you will see your photo in the right side corner, click on the icon of this photo.

Here you will see the setting icon, click on it

Now you will reach your YouTube Account page, here you have to go to See All My Channels or Create a new channel. If you have already created a YouTube channel, then you will see it here, apart from this you will see the option of Create a new channel, click on it. A page will open in front of you, in which you have to name your YouTube channel have to click on.

It’s just that your YouTube channel is ready, but the work does not end here, after that a lot of work remains in the channel like you have to put Channel Art here so that if anyone comes to your channel for the first time, then Channel Art will be available to him. It is known that what kind of videos are uploaded on your channel, you Channel logo will be visible to your subscriber while uploading your videos, apart from this there is some policy of uploading videos which we are going to tell in the next post, then our Stay connected and watch the video above for more details…..


when will YouTube start earning

So it is a matter of making a channel, but how to earn money from the channel, to earn money from the channel, you have to upload videos continuously on the channel and take 4000 hours of watch time on your channel. Watch time means your videos. Your videos will not be monetized until people watch for 4000 hours, that is, advertisements cannot be shown on your videos, apart from this it is also necessary to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel, only then you will be on your channel.

You will be eligible to show ads, if your channel has completed 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, then you can apply for monetization on your channel, after that you will create an Adsense account and send it to your channel. will connect and you can monetize your channel.

Now recently YouTube announced new features for theirs valuable customers which is called the YouTube Shorts video like tiktok and Snack Videos. 

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