how to make a duet video on Tiktok

 how to make a duet video

Hey guys, welcome to my site Now today I’m going to be teaching you how to make a duet video. Okay, so I’m just going to quit out of the recording tab and go into my discover tab. And if you just search in the search bar duet, and go to hashtags, and click on the first one duet, and as you can see, duet currently has over 900 billion views. So it is a very popular tag. And let’s just have a look at an example below:


Okay, so that one’s a video duet. Because we’ve got lots of different things here. Alright, so to make a duet, just tap on one of the videos, go to the share option, which is the little our Okay, and this one doesn’t have the option. So when you save your video, you can choose to allow other people to do it with you. So if you don’t allow that option, it won’t appear here. So this one doesn’t have that option.

Alright, so this one does. So I’m just gonna tap duet under the share to tab. Okay, and now you can record your duet. And if you do want to do it, hands free. So so if you were doing a dancing duet, then you can set it up on a tripod and use the timer option. So if you just go to the time option on the right, you have the option of three seconds or 10 seconds.

And this little bar here, if you scrub along with your finger, you can actually choose where to stop recording. So after that period of time, your video will just stop recording. And then you can record another section of it if you want. So I’m just going to go to that four seconds, and do stock countdown. So it’s going to count down for three seconds. And then it’s going to record and it will stop after that for second point. Okay, so it stopped.

Now I can now record some more if I want. So I’m going to set the timer again, this time for another three seconds, stop countdown. And it’s going to stop after three seconds. And you can keep going with this if you want or you can just post that. So if you tap the tick at the bottom right, you now have the option to do all the regular effects and filters and if you tap Next, you will see here that you have that option to allow other people to do it.

 So you can actually have a duet of a duet if you want so if you tap that then other people will be able to react to your video and do that with you. Alright guys, so that’s it for this article for your knowledge. I really hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. If you did keep an eye on this page as we’ll be posting more content now you can easily make videos yourself for more technical articals click here

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