How to Delete Facebook Account

 How to delete Facebook account temporary or permanently

delete fb account

hello friends In this article, we will learn how to delete Facebook account. So let’s break so it is really simple to delete your Facebook account. The process is same for Android as well as iOS devices. So you don’t need to worry if you’re on Android.

First make sure that you are connected with the internet. And once connected to the internet, simply go and open your Facebook app. So here we go. So once Facebook app is open, you need to simply go and tap on these three lines at the right bottom corner.


hwo to delete facebook account

 In case of Android this might be at the right top corner. So tap on this one. So here we go. Now scroll down below and here you need to tap on settings and privacy. So once you tap on this, this would appear. Now tap on settings. Once settings menu is open, you need to go down and here under the your Facebook information you need to tap on account ownership and control tap on this.


hwo to delete facebook account

 So in account ownership and control, you will be able to see deactivation and deletion temporary deactivate or permanently delete your account, tap on this. Now there are two options either you can deactivate your account, and you can re log in to activate your account. Or, in the second case, you want to permanently delete your account. So in this case, I will be going for deleting my account, tap on continue to delete account. And here you can see it says before you delete your account, to give the messenger activate instead deactivate the account.


hwo to delete facebook account

 In case if you want to deactivate the messenger as well simply go and tap on deactivate account and your messenger account will also be deactivated. From here you have you must have uploaded multiple photos and posts so you can download that info as well. So here are other things like manage edit your admin settings if you are added managing any page, you can go for edit admin setting, and transfer admin, admin privileges to someone else.

hwo to delete facebook account

And here in some of the cases, if you have allowed some apps to use your Facebook information, you can tap on Manage apps to go for that. Now tap on Delete account. And now you need to enter your password and tap on Continue. And on the next screen, you need to simply go and tap on delete my account. So in this case, your account will be deleted.

 And this you would have 30 days to re sign into your account and once you re sign into your account, you would have an option to activate your account again. So after 30 days your account will be permanently deleted from Facebook. So hope it has helped you in deleting or deactivating your Facebook account on Android as well as iPhone.

Note: if you are soled admin of the above pages. If you delete your account, these Pages will also be deleted. so Add additional admins to keep these Pages to active.

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