how to change tiktok username


How to Change Tiktok Username

change tiktok username

Welcome to my website dear friend hope will be good in health. Today this article will help you change the username on tiktok  And of course that is going to be a quick one trick and this works for Android as well as iPhones, I’m going to show you how to change the, our, your profile name. Alright, so let’s get straight into it.

 Alright, so let’s go ahead and open Tiktok. so make sure you’re on your profile feed. So as you can see, I’m on mine, if you’re anywhere else I’m almost on go ahead and hit the my profile down here.


How to change user name in tiktok




How to change user name in tiktok

How to change user name in tiktok

Change username

Next, I should say, you should see your profile name, your profile, image, your art, whatever this name is just below your profile picture. And as you see there, it says on mine, abc123, and that’s at TikTok. Now, of course, this is a unique identifier. To change it, go ahead and eat it. And if you want to change the name, let’s go ahead and hit the field right here.

And you should see there’s an option to change it and then hit Save. Now doing that should change the name on the account. Now be warned, as you might know, be warned, as you might know, now be warned that you can change the name, if you change the name as I just showed, you know, as here that simple, it will not affect much.

 However, if you go ahead and change your username, it’s way more serious as it can affect somebody finding your channel. So for example, here, if you change name, that’s just the overall name, do not worry about that there should be no issues What if you change the user name, what notice it warns you here, and notice there’s a check. It says user names can contain only letters, numbers, and so on.

So that’s a unique identifier. Also, note it is shows you here. Now if you have just created your account, it should be not much trouble to change it know, what if you’re already established, and everybody knows you as this user, by changing it, it going to switch things around.

 So do not change this without thinking. Alright, you can, you’d have to check if it’s available, it must be a unique name, if somebody does have this name already, will not allow you to change it. So it has to be very unique. That’s what he added; advise that you use special characters, letters and so on.

Now, once you change your user name here, that unique name will be changed forever. And it will start showing here as whatever the new name is or old here, it will change here. So that’s just basically how to change. That’s basically how to change your name in tiktok if you want your overall user, as I said, If you want your overall unique name, I said before your user name, you can change this one.

But be careful when changing the user name. If you don’t want to change your basic name, like what most people refer to you as without affecting your account, change the first one. So basically, you’re free to change the first one to anything you want. Just go ahead and modify that accordingly.

 But of course be careful when you’re changing the user name as it will affect what your phone as on TikTok so or abc123. So that’s it basically. Alright, so let’s do it right here. And once you change your user name, it will change everything. Alright, so I hope you understand what I was saying. In this article Just notice regarding how to change user name on tiktok.


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