how to change wifi password att


how to change


how to change wifi password att

Your Wi-Fi Net Name (or SSID) us used to indentify your particular Wi-Fi Network, when you are searching for available Wi-Fi Networks to connect your Wi-FiEnabled Devices (ie: Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart TV’s, etc…)

By default, you’re AT & T Wi-Fi Network Name may look something like “ATT1AbC2de”. However, you can customize/ change this name to something else, such as “AdspakHome” for example.

Your Wi-Fi Network Password is the Password that you enter when connecting your Wi-Fi Enabled Devices to your Wi-Fi network.

Note: If you change your Wi-Fi Network Name & Password, you will need to re-connect All of your Wi-Fi Enabled Devices to your new Wi-Fi Network.

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how to change wifi password att

Step 1:

Printed on the Side of your AT&T Modem/Wi-Fi Router Gateway, you will see a message that says”For Advanced Device Configuration go to http://adb.dddfdf.fdfdf” (where “x” are numbers). Make a note of this (ie: http://abc.bdfd.dfdfd).

Step 2:

Open any Web Browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc…) on your Computer and type in the URL (ie: from step 1 into the Address Bar at top, and press the “Enter “key on you Keyboard.

Step 3:

You should now see a page with some tabs/Options such as “Home”, “Services”, “Settings”. Etc.Click on “Settings”.

Step 4:

Click on the “LAN”Sub-Tab/Option, followed by “Wi-Fi”.

Step 5:

You should now be prompted to enter your Device Access Code. This will be printed on the Sided of your ATT & T Modem/Modem/Wi-Fi Router Gateway. Enter this Code into the box provided and click on the “Submit” button.

Step 6:

On the following page, should see two main selection (ie.2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Radio Configuration & 5 GHz Wi-Fi Radio Configuration).

Under each of these two sections, change the “Network Name (SSID)” to the new name that you would like to use instead, and also change the “Wi-Fi Password” option to “Use coustom Wi-fi Network Password”, and enter your new Password in the “enter password” box.

NOTE: If you have a newer AT& T Modem /Wi-Fi Router Gateway in particular, such as the BGW210 and Pace 5268, it is important that you enter the same Network Name and Password unjder each of these two sections. This will allow you to take advantage of the Enhanced Wi-Fi Technology (ie: Band Steering) that is built in to the newer AT&T Modem/ Wi-Fi Router Gateways.

Step 7:

Click on the “save” button towrds the bottonm of the page and enter the Device Access Code again when promted, and ckick the “Submit” button. You will now see a message saying “Configuration Successuful”.

Step 8:

Chose your Web Browser.

Step 9:

You will now need to re-connect All of yourWi-Fi Enablesd Devices (ie: Smartphones. Tablets, Smart TV’s, etc…) to your new Wi-Fi Network.


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